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the aquabats!

they're my favorite band. they played ska in the 90s, then shifted into a more pop-punk sound in the 2000s. their whole thing is that they're a band of superheroes. it's very fun and entertaining stuff. legit, these guys have an entire mythology and lore surrounding the band and their 25+ year history. it's super interesting. they've gone thru a bunch of lineup changes, their uniforms are super cool, and their live shows are super super entertaining and high energy. the members are all great people and talented musicians. they also made a tv show. it's called the aquabats super show. if u like 60s batman and power rangers u should watch it. it's free on youtube.

adam deibert

sir that's my emotional support musician. he's great and i luv him a lot. he was in a few bands in the 90s-2000s like the goodwin club, bikeride and most notably the aquabats :3 u probably recognize him from yo gabba gabba!! he appeared on a cool tricks segment and did a lot of the music for it, and he also voices muno the red cyclops!! the lad is super talented and a musical genius. aside from his soundtrack work and his band stuff, he's released two solo projects: digital unicorn and call sound call noise. both are wildly different from each other and they really showcase how cool he is. he also seems like such a good person. everyone describes him as a great dude and a kind soul. truly an icon.

the epoxies

they're a synth punk band with a very cool and interesting aesthetic that i dig 100%. they sing about cool topics like space age futurism, robots, electronics, consumerism and stuff in a similar vein. they're like the perfect mash of atompunk and 2000s webcore and the whole aesthetic surrounding the transition from analog to digital media, if that makes sense. their sound is a combo of cool punk guitar riffs and synth-driven melodies. the band doesn't exist anymore, but most of the members still have separate bands or solo projects that they work on musically.

they might be giants

they're a super cool band. they make all sorts of music! these lads are mad talented. they started in 1982 and still put out music quite frequently. they have such a way with words that in many songs they say whatever nonsense they like, and it still sounds like an absolute masterpiece. they've put out 22 albums and a bunch of other stuff. u may recognize them from the malcolm in the middle theme song, or mickey mouse clubhouse theme song. or perhaps istanbul (not constantinople) rings a bell. even though at first they were only a duo, in later years they've expanded to include a full band.

the b-52s

they're a new wave band and their music is GREAT! it's fun party music. if i had to describe their sound in one word it would be googie. they just fit that aesthetic perfectly. it's like if the 80s and 60s had a baby. also 4 of the 5 founding members are gay and thats pretty cool in my book. they have some of the best fashion sense on the entire planet. i cannot stress this enough, go check out their music!!! they've been going strong for 40+ years and they have great albums. their style of playing is very unique and also their videos and live performances. they're just so delightfully retro.


pioneers of electronic music, that's all. i luv them a lot. i like their style and the whole robot thing they have going on. i usually don't like electronic music, but i really really dig kraftwerk. i think it's like. the analog stuff and the feel of their music. yeah sure they shifted to digital equipment a long long time ago but their essence is still there. also back in the day they had to build their own instruments cuz they were so ahead of their time the stuff they needed wasn't massively available back then. that's badass. the members seem like good ppl, but theyre also massive perfectionists and maybe thats why they havent released new stuff in like a decade. oh well. i luv em a lot nonetheless.


i've loved these lads since i was 13 and i still luv em. their music is hard to describe but it's like bass-driven weird metal? their vibe and esthetic is very eerie, weird and kinda unsettling. but that's the point. here's a fun fact about them: they have their own winamp genre tag. it's genre number 108 on winamp. iconic. u probably recognize them from the south park theme song. they are unique as hell and i dig their weirdness a lot. their sound might not be for everyone, but if u like insane basslines and guitar riffs that sound like a dying cat, as well as lyrics about working-class culture, fishing, and general weirdness then id say check em out.


i luv these ladies! their sound is a bit softer than most of the stuff here. they're an indie alternative rock band. their sound is very very good and all of the members are super talented. one of my favorite things about them is their voices and how they harmonize so well. really, their voices just sound amazing together, they have many songs in which more than one of the members sing and those are my fav songs. most of them also have their own solo projects and they're amazing on their own too. i think that as a band, they were recording new material as of january 2020. i cant wait. they're great, their sound is so good.