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december 31st, 2019

this dream was: nice (but weird)

one of my online friends and i were gathered together. they had an antifa themed pinterest board, but in real life. in one of the poster type thingies, a drawing of jimmy the robot from the aquabats done in a 60s cartoon style was there. he was shooting a laser from his finger. next to him was joebot 2.0 from the phenomenauts. below them was an advertisement for the 2005 tour they both played in. not sure what that had to do with the rest of the board but im a goddamn nerd so i asked my friend if they could let me take a picture of it or let me borrow it so i could scan it. they said no.

after a while they drove me home, but instead of dropping me off at home they dropped me off at my old house. i got out of the car and started walking to my current house cuz i was too anxious to tell them they dropped me off at the wrong place. two guys started catcalling me. i started running but they followed me. i yelled "I'M A FUCKING LESBIAN" and threw rocks at them, while running faster and throwing more rocks. they started throwing rocks at me, but somehow none hit me. i ran 6 blocks until i reached my house. i have no idea how i made it home but i did.

when i got all settled in, i opened pinterest and started looking for that jimmy picture on my friend's board. i browsed thru a bunch of stuff, but i woke up before i could find it.

december 19th, 2019

this dream was: interesting

i dreamt i was a trans guy. i was in need of a haircut so i told my mum and we went to the salon. i got a really nice haircut. after we were done, i came out to my mum as trans and she was super supportive and she took me immediately to get top surgery.

a few days after that, i was at school for an event, and ppl started realizing my chest was super flat and asked me what happened. i said nothing and went back home.

when i got back home, it was nighttime. i got a missed call. it was from a friend and it said "are u still in class" i texted him yes. then i realized i was not in class so i tried to call him back, but he didn't answer.

i realized i still had to pick my new name. i thought about alex, but that was too basic. i thought about alexi. i thought it sounded russian.

then my mum came up to me and asked if i wanted to talk about being a trans dude while i showed her my drawings. i panicked a bit, but i showed her the drawings. then i talked to her about how i was actually a guy and that i thanked her for being so supportive.

afterwards i started talking with my friends on a sapphic discord server. i told them goodbye, since i was not a girl who likes girls i couldn’t be part of the server anymore. after two days tho, i started questioning if i was really nonbinary, so i started going by they/them pronouns. then i woke up.

december 18th, 2019

this dream was: very weird

i had a dream inside a dream and this dream i was fighting my school's principal as if it were fighting video game at some point i woke up from the dream and then i was told i was going to a party a friend's house which is in a farm.

when we got there a friend and i went to the back of the house which had a little bridge. We saw two girls kissing and I jokingly said we should do the same and my friend was like “i have an even better idea” then she pulled out some handcuffs from her pocket and handcuffed herself to the railing of the bridge and started doing acrobatics. i was like “holy shit stop it that's so dangerous” she eventually did a backflip and came back to where i was. i undid the handcuffs and she was like "aw man i ripped my shirt a bit" i told her "it doesn't matter let's go inside"

then when we went inside i saw the principal and i was like oh “no he's going to fight me like in my dream” but since was only a dream that didn't happen. more stuff happened but i cant really remember.

december 14th, 2019

this dream was: confusing

i was in my room, it was about 9pm, and my mum came in telling me to get ready cuz we were going out for pizza. i started looking for the stuff i was gonna wear but for some reason i wouldn't put on my clothes.

about 10 minutes later, my mum came in again tho check if i was ready. i was still in my pajamas. then she was like "well then im guessing u're not going" so after that i dressed up super quickly. i went downstairs.

then when we were in the car i was told my uncle wanted to make a movie so we stopped by this movie director's house to drop him off there. last thing i saw before we drove off was my uncle climbing the roof of the house.

then we stopped by my school to look for my test results. first i picked up my biology test and the teacher handed it to me. it said i had gotten a 0% and below that it said "just kidding, u got a 100%" i started freaking out.

after that we drove over to the pizza place, and when we entered it looked like it was made from clouds. the tables were floating and so was everything else. i can't remember if we ever actually ate any pizza tho, cuz i woke up

december 13th, 2019

this dream was: confusing

i was at my neighbor's house looking for something. then two ppl from school came in and told me we had to leave for school so i did. when we got there we were told that the only thing we were going to do today was getting pictures taken, but we had about half an hour before starting with the pictures so they let us go wild and do whatever.

a friend was playing football with an orange. then suddenly the orange rolled out the main school building and i offered to help him look for it. we eventually found it and went back to the main entrance. when we got there i saw this rly cute girl. i kinda stared at her but she noticed. when she noticed she disappeared.

we entered the main school building again but this time it was a college. all the ppl were still there but the building changed into a college building. the ppl from our class told us they had already taken the pictures and that we arrived late. i looked at my watch and only 5 minutes had passed. then i woke up

december 10th, 2019

this dream was: confusing

i was taking a test but instead of the classroom it was my dining room and at some point the person next to me said "wake up sheeple" and a bunch of sheep started rising up from the ground and they destroyed the tables so we stopped taking the test and i went upstairs as to not deal with all those sheep.

ater apparently my schools football tournament was about to take place in my backyard so i started printing out pieces of paper about the schedules and stuff like that and i started taping up those schedules and sheets of paper on one of the backyard walls, and at some point i stuck on a piece of paper that said "anyone caught being cishet will be shot on sight"

then my mom came downstairs and asked if i wanted potato salad. i said yes and she was like "oh okay i'm going to do that" and she started making it. after that she went back upstairs to look for some pillows or something and then she went back down. she went to the backyard and i realized the "everyone caught being cishet will be shot on sight" thing was still there and i decided to take it off the wall.

the problem is i didn't do it immediately because my mom came downstairs that very moment. she was wearing high heels for some reason and i told her to go change to sneakers, i was hoping she'd leave but instead a pair of sneakers materialized on the floor so she put them on. i just stood in front of where the piece of paper was so she wouldn't see it.

then girls by girl in red started playing and as my mum went up to the laundry room which is way way back i started taking off all the stuff i printed out and then she saw me taking those papers off and she said "oh what are you doing, is that the mascot for your games?" and it was like no mum and i went back upstairs. then i woke up.

november 27th, 2019

this dream was: nice (but weird)

i was at home but it was my old house, and my mum had found some of my art under the couch and she asked if it was influenced by this one artist from tumblr. i told her yeah and how did she know about that artist. she told me they were her cousin. i was like "wow no way" and she asked if we were friends. i told her no I just like their art but i've literally never interacted with them and she was like oh i see. yeah i couldn't see you two as friends they're such a party animal. then i went outside with one of my friends. there was a dog who was completely bedazzled and had a lot of glitter of their paws.

then i was at school. my school's canteen had an option to secretly store stuff for you. i told them to store this bag of balloons for me and they did. i don't know why that should be secret but whatever. we were having another bake sale and that's what i needed the balloons for. the bake sale started and i was in charge of the popsicles but the person who was supposed to bring them to me wouldn't arrive. i covered up my stand with a big white fabric since i wasn't ready and had literally nothing to sell. then the bake sale started and some of the phenomenauts started showing up, but they all had some sort of facial hair. professor greg's mustache was glorious. and both ar-7 and joebot 2.0 were there too, but no sign of angel nova, atom bomb, ripley clipse or jimmy boom. they never showed up. the ones that were there started singing "man alone" while i waited for the popsicles to arrive. they didn't arrive.

then a kid came up to me with this amazing looking pie and i asked him where he got it, he said he got it on the stand next to mine. i told joebot 2.0 to take care of the stand for me while i bought a pie and i told him id share it with all of them. he was like "oh ok"

then suddenly a projector came up from the neighboring stand and they were trying to rival my live music with 24 hours of veggietales music. both the 'nauts and that veggietales music played at the same time. it didnt sound great. then i woke up.

november 19th, 2019

this dream was: scary

tw guns, death

i was at home choosing what to wear for school (weird, considering i wear uniform.) two girls from my class materialized in front of me, both wearing a red shirt with black and white stripes. they told me to wear that shirt they were wearing. i looked at my hands. the shirt appeared. we went to school.

school stuff happened. when we got out i waited to be picked up outside school with my friends. we were all talking and chillin.

then this shady-looking dude walked past our school. he had big ears. this guy from my class started making fun of him.

then the shady dude stood there in front of him. i saw he was trying to pull out a gun and i quickly ran back inside. i heard some gunshots and when i came back outside the guy who made fun of him was dead on the floor.

(i woke up panicking, it was 4:45 am and i had a hard time sleeping again :/ later at school i told the guy he was killed in my dream and all he said was "dammit ale, why can't u dream i become a billionaire or something")

november 16th, 2019

this dream was: nice

i got hooked on the sims freeplay and i was playing a lot. i was trying to change this dude's hair color but it wouldn't let me. i played for around 6 hours. but it was time for school now.

my school was doing this pride month activity in which every lgbt student had to wear a shirt of a color of the rainbow. i chose blue. i came to school and started changing in the parking lot. a friend was covering me with a blanket while i changed. then it turns out i also needed a pair of jeans. my closet was right there so i just picked a pair from there.

jimmy the robot from the aquabats was there. his phone wallpaper was a drawing of himself. he stood there and saluted me and the other fellas who were dressed in rainbow colors.

after school i went to this friend's house and we were playing the drums. suddenly we needed another snare drum. he told me to go to this neighbor's house cuz they played the drums too.

i went there and peeked thru the window. there was this dude and this super cute girl. the girl picked up some cymbals and left. i entered thru the window and the dude was like "sure grab anything you need" and i grabbed the snares i needed. i saw an aquabats sticker on his desk and i was like "nice" i exited through the window again.

the dude's mum asked me what i was doing there. i told her i was picking up some snare drums. she was like "oh cool ok"

i cant remember what else happened honestly. it had something to do with me going through the aquabats tag on tumblr. but that's all i can remember.

november 14th, 2019

this dream was: very weird

i was at my school's bathroom but it was a gender neutral one. my friend was changing in one of the stalls and when i looked he had turned into a powerpuff girl wearing a sailor moon costume. he flew away.

then my old history teacher came in except he was a drag queen now. he walked over to the last stall, stood in front and just vanished. like, he didn't do anything he just completely disappeared.

i stood in front of one of the sinks pondering the meaning of life or something. then we were all called out of the bathrooms. they closed them down afterwards.

my school's head of administration was there and she was pissed. i don't know why but she told us she was sick of us. particularly me cuz i always asked her for some document every month and she was sick of having to take two minutes of her day to look for it on her computer and printing a copy.

i was like "but i need it to pay for tuition" and she was like "i don't care" and i told her "would you prefer for me to not pay then" i left. later, i was somewhere else minding my own business and suddenly she reappeared behind me. she was floating and had purple hair.

she wouldn't leave me alone. there was something about this test too but i can't really remember. then the scene faded out to a movie. the ppl in the movie just kept saying "crab pizza" over and over. then the credits rolled. turns out i was watching a movie the entire time. i said "no wonder my dreams are so long and weird if this is the shit i watch" and woke up.

november 12th, 2019

this dream was: bad

my class was at our old sixth grade classroom. we were having an english exam and they asked us to look for one of the english-spanish dictionaries the sixth grade kids used. everyone gathered up to grab one. i got to the shelf where they were and found an old calligraphy book that belonged to me. i opened it up and saw doodlez of me and a friend of mine. they looked like i made them in sixth grade, but i didn't meet the friend that was depicted in the doodle until eighth grade.

since it wasn't a dictionary, i put it back where it was and grabbed what i needed. the dictionary had the word "kraftwerk" highlighted despite it not being an english word. it wasn't referencing the band either.

then it was time for another class. the vice principal told me i had dropped a headband with a ribbon on it. i just kept walking and then i was talking with my mum over the phone. she told me i would get a new phone delivered there. i told her this phone still worked perfectly fine, but whatever.

the vice principal called me on the phone to tell me about the headband again. i told her to keep it. it wasn't even mine. she hesitated but she hung up after that.

next class was literature class. my old best friend from middle school (who i love and miss so dearly) was there. i sat next to her and told her i needed to sit next to her for emotional security cuz i was so afraid she'd leave cuz i loved her so so so much. she didn't say anything and just smiled.

the new phone magically appeared. i started unboxing it and when i got to it, the screen was cracked. there were some parts on the screen where the glass wasn't even there at all. i panicked and cried. i told my mum the screen was terrible. a classmate told me she felt sorry. i told her not to worry since i still had a good phone and i started sobbing saying my mum had wasted her money on it. my old friend comforted me. she gave me a hug and then she kissed me. i just kept looking at that phone and then i calmed down cuz i still had a good phone. i woke up.

november 10th, 2019

this dream was: confusing

can't really remember much tbh, but it took place at school. i dreamt one of my pairs of knitting needles had completely rusted. then i had an exam with my history teacher from junior year. i kept pulling out an old cell phone (one of these) and handing it over to my classmates. we got called downstairs by the principal but instead of going down the stairs area of my school, it was the staircase of my house.

then we were having a contest but i can't remember what it was for or what was the prize. but we had to make a cool video. my friend made one about him going on an adventure hiking and ending up in my school's basketball court. another one of my classmates appeared in his video, she gave him a brownie in the end. he apologized for not choosing me as his partner for the video. i said it was alright and that he was better off with the partner he chose. his partner told me i was the sun. i told her "if i'm the sun then u're betelgeuse" and winked.

then some ppl were trying to put a chain link fence around some parts of school..

november 8th 2019

this dream was: bad

so for context, irl back in 8th grade i had a teacher who was determined to make my life impossible. i was sick of her treating me and my friends like shit so one day on a test i left it blank and wrote "you're a bitch" on it. i got in a lot of trouble but idc.

as for the dream tho, she had come back to haunt me now that im on senior year of high school. combined with my high school's super strict stupid rules she went pretty much off the rails and started screaming at us for everything we did. she also tried to set me up with my ex "boyfriend" and i told her i was a lesbian. i got detention for 3 days straight for being a lesbian. i went to detention and saw some of my friends there. they had been there for six weeks.

i talked to them and they told me they had 2 other weeks left of detention. they were sent there cuz they took a picture with their phones in class.

i bailed out of detention. i took my phone and sent my teacher a picture of a girl wearing a bikini, but with a fish head instead of a human head. my teacher didn't know it was me who sent it cuz she didn't know i go by my middle name now. then i woke up very scared.

november 6th 2019

this dream was: very weird

i worked at a knockoff hot topic in berkeley. the lights were off and employees would clean their surfboards and it was cool and all. there was a craft store section on the back. an entitled middle aged woman came in and turned on the lights. everyone got super mad and she just started trying out the kneaded erasers. at some point we kicked her out. im surprised she didn't ask to speak to the manager.

then i left the store and my friends and i were trying to figure out what happened to joebot 1.0 after he left the phenomenauts. all my irl friends (even if they don't know shit about the 'nauts irl, they were just as obsessed as i am in this dream) were gathered in this house and we started talking. one of my friends said he joined a band in washington whose name i cannot remember. other speculations included a solo project or that he just quit making music all together. we never found out about anything real tho and what we said ended up sounding more like conspiracy theories.

after we left the "whatever happened to joebot" meeting, my friend and i started breaking into houses for some reason. in the dream it had something to do with that meeting. we got into this seemingly empty house. we grabbed the car and started moving it out of the driveway and into the street. after that i said "hey i think there's people here" and a voice said "YES THERE'S PEOPLE HERE YOU FUCKERS" and we ran off. we ended up in monsanto headquarters. we sat on the grass that was in front. then i remembered the presentation i made about them at school and how horrible they are so we ran off too cuz i was afraid the grass was toxic.

we ended up in this,,, mall? of sorts? but every store looked weird. they looked like they were about to crumble apart at any second. we entered a store. that store ended up being a house. at some point, the smoke alarm went off and everyone in there thought it was my friend and they were mad at her. it ended up being a woman who pressed a "fire" button while screaming. or at least that's what i heard, since i was too busy looking at the kraft singles displayed on a glass bowl on the table and didn't even realize the smoke alarm went off.

october 26th 2019

this dream was: nice

i was in a videogame of sorts. i can't really remember where i started, but i was driving. and i got to the point where i drove my car past a bunch of warning signs and i got a game over. when i restarted, i didn't have the car anymore so i just jumped thru all the warning signs and i jumped thru the roofs of buildings when i fell right into a warehouse.

the warehouse had bunk beds and no windows. it belonged to some knockoff version of walmart and apparently it was for employees to sleep in. i tried breaking thru the door but to no avail. at some point i ran thru a wall and got out. a dude waited for me with some soap and a pack of strawberry halls. i took them both and completed the level.

next i was at the beach. a friend of mine and my chemistry teacher were there. they were telling me to ask this one girl for her phone number and credit card info at a party on saturday. i hesitantly agreed.

the next level was the party. i saw the girl and she was so beautiful i just blacked out, got a game over that said "uh-oh! you've fallen in love!" and woke up.

october 20th 2019

this dream was: confusing

i had a pet ant who read books, turned into a giant slug when bored, and turned into a chicken when given corn to eat.

i can't remember her name, but she was about as big as my middle finger, light blue with red. the colors were the same as jupiter's moon europa.

what happened was i was living in my old house. and i needed to find a specific poem for literature class, so i needed to find a specific book on my bookshelf. but the ant had it so i took it away from her and gave her another book. she turned into a slug about the size of my arm when i did that, cuz she had already read that book i gave her so it bored her, cuz she was kind of a snob. i have her the book i needed again cuz i got scared of her slug form and wanted to make it stop. later she got an ant friend or something. and when my mum gave them corn to eat they both turned into chickens, they turned into 4 chickens each.