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june 23rd, 2020

mood: nice

it's been forever since i updated the site :/

anyway i graduated high school finally. so im done with that forever.

as for other things, im trying to see what to do with my life rn. things are very weird and the world is even weirder and i dont feel ready to step out even tho i rly want to at the same time.

ive been thinking of opening commissions. i need money. i really havent done anything these past weeks that ive disappeared, ive been depressed most of the time. im getting out of a big depressive episode rn so thats good at least

may 16th, 2020

mood: nice

hi!!!! im still working on the site as always. ive decided im gonna redo the shrines for my favorite bands. maybe not all of them, but the ones i like the most will definitely be getting their own shrines.

in other news ive been finally drawing again. im taking a break from doing homework 24/7 which is good.

i graduate next month, so thats exciting.

may 11th, 2020

mood: nice

my birthday was yesterday! it was v good. i ate a lot of sweets. im 17 now.

my life has been pretty uneventful otherwise. just more and more homework and talking to friends.

i gotta apply for colleges soon. thats a bit scary.

thats all for 2day, i'll update the site more someday when i graduate or something.

may 6th, 2020

mood: nice

i promise im not dead im just drowning in schoolwork.

life has been plenty uneventful. well actually, i got a shitty mohawk and i luv it a lot.

i need to shave off the sides properly cuz i cut it with scissors though. but still it's pretty damn cool.

also my birthday is on the 10th so im looking forward to that cuz man, i just rly like birthdays.

april 10th, 2020

mood: aaaaaa



ALSO. ALSO. they did a livestream on instagram AND THEY SHOWED US A PREVIEW OD ANOTHER SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!


april 4th, 2020

mood: excited


i gave the website a big overhaul!!! im super happy with how it turned out!!!! and also im back after not updating the site in AGES!!

life has been crazy for me. i dont even know if im gonna graduate high school this year!! life's been so crazy :/

at least i have motivation for this site again. i might disappear for a while sometimes bc of school. online assignments are a pain in the ass. oh well. im hoping this will pass and hopefully things get better by july otherwise my graduation will have to be held in club penguin or something. speaking of which. ive been playing club penguin rewritten A LOT. club penguin is such an important part of my life. im glad i remembered it exists.

march 8th, 2020

mood: nice

havent updated the site in AGES but i genuinely haven't had the time. school is stressful man...

really my life has been pretty uneventful. i haven't gotten into any new media, or done a lot of art, or stuff like that.

im still trying to think about what i should do with the shrines. i wanna revamp them as im not happy with their current layout. i removed them a while back for. reasons. but i wanna do something else with them instead of getting rid of them entirely. consuming media is stressful.

thsts all for today. i havent forgotten about this site yet. i just havent had the time nor the ideas to update it

february 20th, 2020

mood: nice

after two days of feeling weird and refusing to listen to music at all (its a stoopid coping mechanism btw if u luv music like me dont try it unless u wanna be bored to death) i am finally feeling better. i skipped school today cuz i didn't feel like going, but i missed out on a lot of cool stuff.

it was nice tho, i took a few naps and i watched the animal crossing nintendo direct! even tho i dont have a switch im super super excited for new horizons. it looks so lovely.

im also gonna try and update some of the pages and finish that tmbg shrine. they just have so many albums...

anyway thats it for 2day :3

february 17th, 2020

mood: nice

i haven't updated the site in a while! that's kinda wack ngl, but honestly i haven't had the time or i just don't know what to do on here.

im not gonna abandon it, i still have pages and shrines to finish.

these past few weeks have been busy for me as i've had a lot of exams and assignments for school. im waiting for spring break in order to work on the site a bit more.

february 4th, 2020

mood: lovestruck

golly, i haven't had time to update the site...

anyway, today was weird. i went to my friend's house after school. she did my makeup. i let her do that even if i don't like makeup... listen i'm gay for this girl. of course i was gonna let her

basically it turns out that laying in bed next to ur crush while she's on the phone with her boyfriend is physically painful. like oof ouchie i could feel my heart hurt. i am a fool :/

gee, that's all i have for today. i'll try to do work on this site tomorrow

january 31st, 2020

mood: nice

today has been great! i finally saw my friend. she was on vacation for 3 months but she finally came back! i missed her a lot. she brought me chocolates and a set of markers.

i spent all morning with her at school, and helped her get caught up with assignments and stuff.

next week we're gonna go watch birds of prey when it comes out. im excited!

i really need to update this site more!!! it's super fun and i luv it. im gonna try and actually finish the shrines,,,

january 24th, 2020

mood: excited

im going to the beach tomorrow!!! im super excited!!!

today i spent a few hours digging through old family stuff. i found many cool things.

the coolest thing tho was this digital camera. the battery didn't work but the rest of the camera is in perfect condition. with some fiddling around i was able to transfer the pics from the camera to my laptop, and i found they were pictures of a family vacation from 2008.

i cant bring it to the beach like i planned to though, since the battery is bad. im gonna try and find a new battery, and as for the pictures i wanna take on the beach, i guess i'll use my phone.

thats all for today :]

january 15th, 2020

mood: eh

i didnt have school today either. i thought i'd be productive like yesterday, but i wasnt. i havent even touched my research project :/ and i dont want to tbh.

i think ill play around with the site's layout tbh. im getting kinda bored of how it looks rn

oh well, who knows. time has been passing waaaaaaaay too quickly lately. oh man. thats kinda scary.

january 14th, 2020

mood: aaaaaa

i have no school today and im in a VERY good mood. i really really want this day to be great im gonna try and be super productive.

i havent updated the site yet but i still have a handful of things to work on so im gonna try to do that between today and tomorrow. i miss working on the site a lot. cuz its very very very fun!!!

i also need to finish chapter 2 of my research project, and i have many drawings i wanna make. today's gonna be a great day and i luv the world.

january 9th, 2020

mood: tired

i started school this week and i kinda hate it :( its so tiring and stoopid.

i havent made any significant changes to this site in a while but i plan to work on that this weekend.

ok thats it for today. its just that today i finally had time to sit down and write this

january 4th, 2020

mood: lovestruck

i think i have a crush on my friend from school... :( every time she talks to me i get all soft and i feel so nice,,, uwu. im so scared tho cuz. she's straight. and even if she's not, she has a bf now :( and how tf am i gonna compete with some college aged man with a pickup truck and weed. she just sees me as a friend. oh well,,, i still enjoy hanging out with her, even if it's just as friends.

she's on vacation rn, shes living the dream over at florida. she comes back on february 1st. can't wait to see her again,,,,, oh man.

in other news a nearby power station caught fire and a big chunk of my town has no power. so we went to my aunties apartment over at the neighboring city. we're staying here till the power comes back. it's nice here.

that's all for today,,,,,

january 3rd, 2020

mood: eh

i switched to firefox as i told myself i would. i like it so far. screw google and their surveillance state bullshit. firefox is rly nice. i didnt do it before cuz i was too lazy to import old logins, bookmarks and stuff. but since it's a new year, i might as well. right?

apparently the threat of wwiii is looming? thats scary as fuck man. idk much about that, cuz politics make me mad. and sad. this is all im gnna say on the matter.

im halfway done with the beanie im knitting. thats cool. and im gonna paint a shirt later in the day. actually idk why i always update this so early in the morning, when i still havent done anything. oh well.

january 1st, 2020

mood: excited


im so excited for 2020. i feel like its gonna be a good year for me :3 i have many goals i plan to accomplish, it's the start of a new decade after all.

this is the year i graduate highschool so im excited for that too, even tho that's in june.

i plan to keep improving this website and keep it running cuz its just so much FUN!!! :]

ok thats it for this entry. btw i moved all my previous entries to a separate page that can be accessed below: