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december 27th, 2019

mood: aaaaaa

i haven't written in here for a while... blah blah christmas stuff was cool, didn't do much tho.

anyway, that doesn't matter!!! cuz today i woke up at 9am today and the first thing i see on my phone is that THE FREAKIN PHENOMENAUTS FOLLOWED ME ON INSTAGRAM, HOLY SHIT. MY (second) FAVORITE FREAKIN BAND FOLLOWED ME ON INSTA.

after that, i started painting one of my shirts, i wanted to make a space cat design. that took me pretty much the entire day to complete. it turned out wonky, but i luv it so much. ill upload pictures of it on the site in a bit.

while the paint was drying, i got bored and decided to cut my hair! so that's what i did. it turned out pretty well.

also this is the last friday of the decade, how wild is that? pretty wild if u ask me. but that's pretty much it for this entry. pretty much its only purpose was say the 'nauts followed me on insta anyway.

december 21st, 2019

mood: nice

i went christmas shopping with my mum. we bought presents for some ppl and for ourselves.

we went to this big warehouse that sells knockoff shoes of surprisngly high quality. i got a pair of red converse shoes. theyre a knockoff, of course. but i dont really care.

i got some fabric paints and an embroidery hoop, and when we got home i started making an aquabats patch with the paint and some denim scraps i found.

it was a very nice day, even tho it was tiring

december 8th, 2019

mood: eh

i finally got out of school,,,, and im happy for that.

but im feeling kinda off again. i feel adrift and like my life has no meaning or direction. not a good feeling,,,,,

oh well. as for what i've been up to lately, i've been up to nothing. i've just been listening to kraftwerk non-stop for the past week.

i wanna revamp this site again. change the layout, make new pages. im not unhappy with the site but at the same time i am. geez i wish my life was more interesting. im gonna do this im gonna revamp the site.

december 1st, 2019

mood: happy

i had a great day!!!!! first off i organized all of my music on my usb drive and got rid of the music i don't listen to anymore. i freed up a bunch of space.

then i went to a friend's house to finish a school project and it was tons of fun. she has a dog and a cat and she's selling an electric guitar and i want it so badly!!!!!! aaaaaaa!!!!! i need it!!! it was super fun to play it and i rly want it :D im trying to convince my mum to let me buy it ;w;

then i came back home and got invited to play uno with some other friends. a single match lasted 2 hours and it would've gone on for longer if it weren't for us being all tired. today was a great day and made me realize my friends luv and appreciate me ;w;

november 30th, 2019

mood: happy

today was great!!! i went out to a nearby city and bought some stuff for myself.

after that my mum and i bought some burgers from this local place and they were amazing!!!! then we went up to this store and bought some more stuff and also an icecream.

then i finally got a haircut!!!! im so happy!!! i got my hair cut with the same lady as last time i cut my hair and she rly understands how i want my hair.

one day i'll shave my own hair tho. i hope one day my mum will let me or i'll have to wait till adulthood.

november 27th, 2019

mood: nice

happily announcing that i feel so much better now and i will continue to work on the site.

i only have 1 and a half weeks left of school before winter break and i'm very excited for that.

im thinking of taking up a sewing class when i get out. that way i'll learn a new skill and meet new ppl.

i'd love to add another page to this site but idk what i could add. perhaps a clothes section when i start making some.

november 24th, 2019

mood: eh

good news! i feel a lil bit better. i still cough a lot and i still have a sore throat but i no longer have a fever and my appetite has gone back to normal so im guessing i'll be fully cured at around tuesday.

i'm very far behind on some school assignments. for example i have to turn in chapter 2 of my senior research project before thursday and i haven't even started yet. i'm now alone in this cuz my partner is on vacation over at orlando and she won't come back till january. however she said she'll help any way she can so im grateful for that.

i gotta draw some maps too for history class, but that's easy so it's not really a priority. i also have an essay due this friday for english class. it's our final project for this semester, it could be about anything i wanted so im gonna make it about 2-tone ska and how it changed the panorama of 70s england and how it expanded into a worldwide cultural phenomenon. im excited to start it.

otherwise i havent been up to much cuz i have felt v bad these past few days. i've been digging out pictures of my favorite bands and as for this site, the very next thing on my to-do list is finishing the they might be giants shrine.

november 22nd, 2019

mood: sick

i got to stay home today cuz my mum didnt want to send me to school in this state im in. i still have a fever and i just dont feel great.

i woke up super early tho so i will try and do lots of things today. perhaps i'll play the guitar or finish knitting that plush i was talking about.

i still don't know tho. i think im gonna get a haircut tomorrow also :3

update: i did something today! i finally added stuff to my knitting page on this site!!!!

i also started listening to kongo shock which is a very cool ska band. i love their sound and both of their albums. (also fun fact! the drummer from the phenomenauts is the drummer on this band :P and that's how i found out about them)

november 21st, 2019

mood: sick

this kid in my class won't cover his damn mouth when sneezing and he infected more than half of the classroom and two teachers. we're all sick. i hate him so much. i confronted him about it and told him to cover his mouth and he only laughed in my face. he thinks it's funny that almost everyone is sick because of him. he disgusts me. >:[ i dont understand why men pride themselves in being so gross.

i came home early today cuz i felt rly rly bad. everyone in my class did too for the very same reason. i have a fever and i feel terrible. i don't know if tomorrow ill be able to go to class cuz i feel really bad.

i started knitting another plushie tho. it's gonna be a robot. it's gonna be rly cute or so i hope uwu

there was a thunderstorm and then the power went out. the outage only lasted an hour and a half tho.

i joined a new discord server and it was very cool and full of nice ppl :]

november 18th, 2019

mood: nice

today's bake sale was a success!!!!! im so happy. it was kinda stressful at times but it was very cool nonetheless.

after 12 pm we had to go to class tho. so the excitement died down quickly.

we got our entire class to do the bean boozled challenge. it was super fun but the jellybean i got was curdled milk and it was rly gross. i ate it tho cuz im not a coward. idk if i should've done that tho.

tomorrow i'll go back to everyday monotony tho :[

november 17th, 2019

mood: excited

tomorrow's the bake sale my class is doing to raise funds. im excited for it. it's gonna be super stressful tho and i gotta be prepared for that.

as for this site, today i started working on how my oc pages will look like and i also started working on the they might be giants shrine

im honestly super eager to do something different tomorrow but i gotta wake up super super early :/ so uhhh

november 16th, 2019

mood: tired

i havent updated this site in a few days. life just gets in the way of the stuff i like to do.

i've been suuuuuuuper tired this week and it's just not nice :/ i don't feel like i enjoy things anymore.

school has consumed me pretty much and it doesn't feel good. motivation has left me pretty much.

i got a set of watercolors tho, and painting with them is the only creative activity i've done this week.

november 9th, 2019

mood: nice

i went to this zoo today. i dont like zoos but i was pretty much forced to go and spend time with some relatives who came over.

there was this planetarium in there tho, and that was pretty kool tbh.

ive been listening to kraftwerk a lot too, i luv them and want to learn more about them!! but idk where to start.

also ive been thinking about revamping the site's layout. i think i'll get rid of the top navigation bar and make it a sidebar instead.

but idk,,,,

november 6th, 2019

mood: eh

i realized i don't know anything about college and im supposed to go after i finish this year of highschool so i spent all morning researching that.

lately i hadn't had time to do anything to this site but since i go to school at 12pm i had some time in the morning to update both this and my dream journal cuz i had a pretty weird dream.

im looking forward to the 18th of november, my class is doing a bake sale to raise funds for our prom. that sounds like fun and an opportunity to practice attending customers and just social skills overall.

today i'll get the scores on my test about the solar system. i hope i got a good grade :]

november 3rd, 2019

mood: aaaaaa

ive been researching my interests a lot today (well, yesterday now cuz it's 2am). i made a whole bunch of drawings too!!!!

overall it was a very nice day.

im in the process of working on all the shrines. perhaps i made too many :s i will have to cut down and remove the links to the ones im the least passionate about...

but i'm almost completely done with the phenomenauts shrine as well as the aquabats one so that's nice. im making a lot of progress considering the time i get every day to work on this site.

next up i think im gonna update the about me section,,,,

november 1st, 2019

mood: nice

what better way to start the month of november than working on this website like crazy?

this page is a journal. i just named it captain's log cuz hehe that's what they do in star trek :P

today i had a test about the solar system. it was a lot of numbers to memorize but since it's a subject im very passionate about i did great, or so i hope.

other than that, i havent done much today.