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february 26th, 2020

this dream was: cool

i was just getting home and my mom was playing a game. it was one of those restaurant games from facebook. after a while i decided to play too, but at some point i got bored and went into a car. In the car we dropped off a bunch of people and then me and friend and we got to the building and we were having class there. the projector was showing my teacher who was talking live instead of a video.

once class was over both me and my friend went over to this store would you like to our house is this house there was another girl and apparently it was my friend's house and i was going to stay there for the night.

once i was done changing into my pajamas i found a my little pony customizing kit. so after changing i went over to it and spend hours customizing ponies. the kit itself had the blank ponies and it came with blank hair, and dye, and stickers and paint and a lot of stuff. it seemed like a lot of fun.

february 25th, 2020

this dream was: confusing

i was getting ready for school, when suddenly i saw my friend's pet bunny in my living room. i called her up to ask her how did it get there. she didn't answer, but magically got it back after a while. then i found the cutest lil kitten on my backyard. i fed it and it grew to adult size instantly. i saw the time was now 7:15 and i was like "oh man im late for school" so i did not go.

next thing i know im on the street waiting to be picked up by a friend, as we were going to his apartment. when we got there we had to go up the stairs and at some point a bunch of drawings fell off the stairs and i picked them up and saw they belonged to another friend who also lived there. i gave them the drawings.

when we got to my friend's apartment, there was mustard all over the couch. i thought it was weird as hell.

then i was at school, practicing for a play. apparently a bunch of butterflies had to be let loose and attack me. i was like 'im not having any of that' and started fighting them back, then ran off as that was part of the play. some kid said 'dont mess with the lesbians' then i woke up

february 20th, 2020

this dream was: confusing

i was walking down the street, and i found my friend. she asked if i wanted to hang out with the rest of my friends and i said yes of course. we arrived at the mall and everyone was at this haagen-dazs place but it was a frozen yogurt place. we were just vibin and throwing around jokes. a friend of mine had to eat 5 prunes as part of a fining system the shop had where every time u swore u had to eat 5 prunes.

after that we went to the movies, can't remember what the movie was about but at the end there was a screening of a video that looked like it was from the late 2000s, in which a guy gave a speech on why science is important and why u shouldn't assault ppl.

after that we went to another frozen yogurt place but for a second i got transported to my house where there was a bunch of aquabats merch on the couch. it was mostly all for me. then i realized i was on a video call with my discord friends all along. i panicked and went to school with a piece of chocolate-filled bread in hand. then i saw my friend again. she kissed me and i woke up.

february 17th, 2020

this dream was: confusing

i dreamt there was a missile launching site next to my house, and they kept launching rockets that almost crashed, but they never did. at one point they decided to launch a nuclear warhead and i started freaking out and having a meltdown about it. i told my mum i loved her and i hid in my room. they never launched anything.

when i got out, it was my birthday, and i had invited some people to my party, there were a few of my classmates and this one dude i haven't seen since 2016. we talked about the aquabats a lot. we started exchanging art and then i woke up.

february 16th, 2020

this dream was: very weird

i dreamt i was playing a game on the computer and then my friends and i were like "hey go outside its 2am let's chill" and i said yes. we went outside and we wrote on journals and then went back home. i was at my friend's birthday and we decided to go outside. outside was a big graveyard of sorts. a big grave was had graffiti related to the band primus, despite the fact that none of the members r dead irl. we kept looking for a bit and we found this tiny shack. we entered and found our other friends. then went to the house again and started deciding what to do for this school play.

at some point we chose to do it about peace, and then i scrolled thru insta stories. i saw that the phenomenauts had released a new song. it was called 'uncharacteristic planet' and it was about earth of course. it sounded like their song 'every day is science friday' combined with tmbg's song 'till my head falls off'

anyway i watched the video for the song and it began kinda like an aquabats parody, the nauts entered an apartment thru the window, and they were dressed in blue coveralls with a word in them, each playing an aquabat. 'commander' was LOUD, 'catboy' was CAT, 'adam' was DICTIONARY, 'chainsaw' was WOOD and 'crash' was SPIT. idk which naut was playing each bat. then they just got out of "bats costume" and partied in their regular uniforms for the rest of the video.

when i stopped watching, i looked up and i was not at home anymore. i was running away from some weird thing that looked like gengar, and i outran it a lot. i was at the local supermarket, which is about 2km away from my house. then i saw a big explosion in the direction of my house. i thought it destroyed everything but turns out the explosion was trying to protect me and tried to eliminate gengar. the explosion hit me, and after it did i was back home. except it wasn't my house, i was at my grandpa's house? practicing the school play from earlier with my friends. one friend who isn't in school anymore was there. a random anime girl was there too. she said she loved skirts and i said 'yeah'.

february 11th, 2020

this dream was: very weird

this dream for some reason was entirely black and white and it went like this: i was sleeping and i woke up in my room and there was this gigantic tower fan next to my bed. like im talking 8ft tall. it didn't make as much noise as my actual fan in my actual room so i found it unnerving and also my ears were ringing more than usual.

i got up from bed and i realized my closet was not there and then i went outside my room and now there was another room in my house. it was long as heck and very big. when i got to the end of it my closet was there. i asked my mum how did it get there. she said she just picked it up and put it there. the whole dream had a very unnerving vibe.

february 2nd, 2020

this dream was: very weird

this dream was pretty short, as i had it when i took a nap

jay animal crossing had a cooking show but he didn't cook anything, he started listing a bunch of emotions and then said those were the recipes. then he said to buy his new cookbook that was that same list of emotions. he said if u ordered it online u could customize it to get the emotions u wanted. after that another cooking show came up, this time it was a random person making cookies and then they said 'charlie u bastard, happy be worse day'

january 30th, 2020

this dream was: confusing

ok some things happened before this that i can't quite remember. but at some point i was in my room taking pictures and the camera caught all these lil red ants in surprisingly high detail. i was like 'woah' then i went over to my bed and there was this seahorse thing? it was green. it was swimming. somehow. i googled it and it said it was called a seadra like the pokemon and that it laid eggs on a pouch but only once a week. i looked over and the pouch was there with an egg. i didn't want it on my bed so i carefully grabbed it and put it on a fish tank that was in my room for some reason.

after that i was asked if i wanted ice cream and i said yes. while i waited it turned out i had a presentation for biology due the next day. i got my computer and went over to a forum. apparently my teacher was communicating with us thru said forum. he admitted he never finished reading this random book, for some reason. i looked up from the screen, and i was at school. my friend was sitting next to me, reading that book.

january 22nd, 2020

this dream was: very weird

ok so earth was falling apart and somehow everything in this earth got compressed on this microscopic laser beam that traveled across the galaxy. the journey was years long but no one changed or aged. whenever u went outside there were animals of all kinds. they were terrifying cuz now u were the same size as everything. eventually we hit a planet and the beam turned into an explosion that left everything exactly in place. city structures were the same, and everything was back to normal size. it was as if nothing had happened. of course, this planet was different from earth.

when that was over my mum was cooking some chicken. she asked if i was gonna eat and i said no cuz i was gonna go to subway with my friends. my friends and i went there and got a sub that was life three feet long. it was a meatball one and it also had spaghetti in it. when we were done eating i left.

my mum was there with me again and we went over to this mall. we saw a gay couple arguing about which car was theirs, as when they got compressed into the laser beam it seemed as that scrambled the letters on their license plate. we entered the mall and didn't do much.

next i was in uniform crossing the street. i didn't go to school and instead i went to this supermarket next to it. i saw my friend who's also the girl i have a crush on. she had finally come back from vacation. i was so happy i hugged her so hard i clung to her for like 15 minutes. then i kissed her and after that i did pull away from the hug. she didn't acknowledge the fact that i kissed her. (imma be honest, this whole part felt so real :[ ouch)

after walking around and getting her used to living here again after that whole 'we switched planets' thing, we found another one of our friends crying in a corner bc some dude wouldn't pay attention to her. then we walked with her for a while and went back to school. then we both sat down next to her to offer moral support. i think i woke up after that.

january 9th, 2020

this dream was: cool

i was at an aquabats concert. the stage was ring-shaped and it encircled the audience, which was in the middle of it.

it was one of those big shows with past members of the aquabats. catboy who's on trumpet irl was on guitar in this dream, so they had 3 guitarists.

at some point, jimmy the robot came up from behind prince adam and stole the crown he was wearing. jimmy ran around the entire stage screaming "WAHOO" and then adam noticed his crown was missing.

he teleported and appeared on top of jimmy's shoulders, and took his crown back. then jimmy kept running around the stage a couple more times, with adam sitting on his shoulders. then they resumed playing the music. the mc bat commander made a comment that was like "alright calm down boys" at some point.

january 3rd, 2020

this dream was: very weird

we were having dinner at my old house. my mum was unbelievably mad at me for using my phone while it was charging. idk why but she was super super mad. after that i came out to her as a lesbian and that seemed to make her more upset. idk why i did that, that was dumb.

one of my discord friends was there and asked me if i could stand on a chair so he could take a pic for a pose reference. so i did. afterwards he did a graffiti of john flansburgh from tmbg in the same pose i was in. he labeled it 'propaganda'and signed it. then he left.

then dinner was served. it was pasta. another one of my discord friends was having dinner with me. we talked a bit and then went outside. i decided to go to this convenience store which was all the way across a hill. before i could cross the final street i had to wait for all these kids on bikes to ride past us. it was like a tour de france, but with kids. also worth mentioning that the sky was clear as if it was noon. but it wasn't. it was dinner time.

then i entered the store. apparently some of the clerks already knew me. i spent a few minutes there and then the power went out. at that point the sky began to get dark and i decided to go back home.

back home i just fell asleep cuz i had school the next day.

then when i woke up trying to get ready for school i realized one of my bags got stolen. it was a bag i don't actually own irl, but whatever. it was white and it had a drawing of mine on it. i remembered i had left that bag at school for one of my friends to take care of. so i walked over to school.

when i was about to cross the street i saw this cute girl, and she told me to wait for her so we could cross the street together. i never saw her again after we did tho.

when i got to school, the first thing i noticed was that every teacher and staff member had these rolls of wrapping paper in hand. everyone saw me and was like "uh-oh". first thing i did was ask my friend for the bag. he didn't have it, so i punched him and immediately regretted it and apologized. then i went to the principal's office cuz that's where lost items always end up.

so i went there and everyone started going "uh-oh" and grimacing. the principal told me my bag might have possibly gotten stolen by this weird company. coincidentally it was the same company that delivered the wrapping paper to everyone. after digging around websites (including this one) we concluded that company sold items with stolen artwork. after more digging we were able to track em down. however at this point i woke up.