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knitting is a fairly recent hobby of mine. it's really fun to do. here are some of my projects.


this was my very first knitting project. u can tell where i started and where i ended cuz the first 30 or so rows look very loose and weird. i was still learning to knit properly. this was done entirely in 1x1 rib stitch on this worsted weight blue yarn and i didnt really measure it, i just stopped when i thought it was long enough for me.

it's rly comfy and it doesn't make my neck itchy which is very good. i barely use it but i think i will now that the weather's cold


after i finished the scarf, i found this really cute cat pattern on livejournal. i decided to try it out cuz i rly luv cats and it looked like a simple pattern. i made 4 different cats. they're all done in garter stitch and folded and sewn and stuffed. for more detail check out the pattern.

this first one is mike, he's the very first cat i made and the only one i kept. he's named after mike gerudo a.k.a catboy from the aquabats (that's his alter-ego name) the name was suggested by one of my aquabats-loving friends and i thought it fitted perfectly. as for this cat, he's very soft and cute. he's got golden eyes.
this one has no name, but i made it for my aunt in spain. one of my relatives was going to visit her so i told them to take this cat with them. my aunt said she liked it a lot when she got it. this cat's got green eyes.
this is amelie and i made her as a gift for my mum, she loved mike so much i decided to make her a cat of her own. she's got green eyes too and a cute flower in her ear, made from old beads i found in a box.
this cat is also unnamed, i sold them to my mum's coworker. they're the only one of the bunch with blue eyes. this one had a rly big head and that's also what set it apart.