the epoxies

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the epoxies were a new wave/synth punk band formed in portland, oregon in the year 2000. they have a very catchy sound with cool guitar riffs but what stands out the most are the synths. they sing about atomic age futurism, robots, electronics, consumerism and other stuff like that, which makes for a very interesting aesthetic in my opinion and i really dig them. they have diy costumes made out of duct tape and cool accesories. i got into them last summer after hearing they toured with the aquabats once, and i've been hooked ever since. their sound is truly amazing!

they went on an extended hiatus in 2008, effectively dissolving the band although they did a reunion show in 2015. most of the members continued making music with new bands or new projects though.

their lineup consisted of roxy epoxy on vocals, fm static on synths/backup vocals, viz spectrum on guitar, shock diode on bass and ray cathode on drums.

from left to right: fm static, ray cathode, roxy epoxy, shock diode, viz spectrum.

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