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the phenomenauts are a band formed in oakland, california in the year 2000. their sound combines influences from punk rock, rockabilly, doo-wop, new wave, garage rock and science fiction themes, forming what the band describes as "rocket roll". they dress in matching uniforms and have space-related and sci-fi personas, kinda like people you'd see serving on a starship on a star trek series.

they also customize their vehicles to fit their theme, they used to glue stuff like toy rayguns, circuit boards and other stuff to their first cars and vans, then spray painted it all with silver and it makes for a super cool effect. they refer to their shows as "missions" and their fans as "cadets".

they also have cool stuff and gadgets like smoke machines, the streamerator (a leaf blower that shoots toilet paper), the rocketerator (a cannon that shot carboard rockets into the audience) earth-shaped balloons and other stuff that makes for a very cool and unique live show that's full of energy.

they sing about space, science, robots and have an utopian view of the future, with a belief that mankind can move forward and venture into the cosmos when we leave behind all the petty stuff that divides us like fights over race, religion, class and borders.

their motto and philosophy is "science and honor". science being the search for truth, it only finds facts and it has no agenda. honor means having integrity and not being a jerk

their lineup started as a 4 piece band, but in 2002 they added a keyboardist. from 2012 to 2014 they were a 6-piece band, but eventually reverted back to being a 5-piece band. in 2020 they became a 4-piece band again.

their current lineup consists of: leftenant ar-7 on vocals/guitar, major jimmy boom on drums, lunar captain ripley clipse on keys and chief engineer atom bomb on bass.

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the phenomenauts