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they might be giants is a band formed in 1982 by john linnell and john flansburgh. their music spans many genres and styles, creating a unique set of sounds in every album. they have many albums and also they used to have a service called "dial-a-song" where people could call a number and get a tmbg song. even though at first they were only the two johns, in later years they've expanded to include a full band. they make all sorts of music, branching out into stuff like tv theme songs, childrens' music and other sorts of experimental alternative music. they have many many albums and many many songs. theyre a lot of songs. and theyre all great.

their music is truly something unique and i cannot stress this enough. i got into them in february 2018 after i saw someone on instagram making fanart of them and talking about them, so i decided to check them out. at first i found them weird but i learned to love em after i heard their album "i like fun".

the duo consists of: john linnell on vocals/keyboards/accordion, john flansburgh on vocals/guitar (although they both play a wide variety of other instruments on their albums) and their backing band consists of: dan miller on guitar, danny weinkauf on bass and marty beller on drums.

left to right: john flansburgh, marty beller, john linnell, danny weinkauf, dan miller

music videos!

(they have A LOT of music videos, these r just my favorites. look on their youtube channel (linked above) for ALL their videos cuz theyre a lot of videos)