the aquabats! super show

the aquabats! super show! is a tv series based around the aquabats. it follows their adventures as superheroes who are also a band, fighting evil and playing music for the kids.

the show is very campy and fun, taking inspiration from shows like 60s batman and stuff like japanese super sentai shows. it makes use of very interesting special effects, costumes and it's a very mixed-media type show, featuring live-action segments, two cartoon segments per episode, fake commercials and music breaks.

the original pilot for the show was produced in 2008, and the show itself aired on the hub from 2012 to 2014. after that, the show got cancelled. but starting in 2018, the aquabats uploaded all the episodes on their youtube channel.

when they began their kickstarter campaign for new episodes, they uploaded a series of minisodes following the band getting back together after the show's cancellation. the plot followed the mc bat commander meeting up with the wizard of hollywood to help him bring the aquabats back who all got "real jobs"

starting from september 28 2019, they began uploading brand-new episodes completely produced by them!! they're under the name "the aquabats! radventures!" and since they're made independently, without a network holding them back they have a bit more freedom to make their episodes as weird as they please. although the episodes are more like 10-minute skits that don't feature as much action as the tv show. however they're filled with many cool jokes and funny things. they are very good and i luv them a lot so far.