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my name is ale. im 17 and i use they/them pronouns... this website is just a lil thing i decided to start just for fun and bc i luv webcore aesthetics. the website itself started in april 2019, but the current incarnation of it started august 2019. i hope that one day when im 30 years old i'll remember this site exists, browse thru it and be like "man. teenage me was so cool."

who am i, you may ask? who is this tiny person on the internet? i wish i could answer that question. i am nothing but an amalgamation of all my interests and things i like all mushed together into one human (?) vessel. i like smiley faces, rainbows, space and robots. also cats. my hobbies include doing art (sometimes) playing guitar (once in a blue moon) knitting (maybe when the stars align) and obsessing over niche costume bands no one in my area knows about. in all honesty, most of the time im just doing nothing tho.

this website is just for fun and sometimes i forget it exists but.... i try my best to keep it updated.